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  • Water Borehole drillers in Devon
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Water Divining

...Water Diviners and Dowsers in Devon, Somerset & Cornwall


We include Water Divining as part of our FREE initial site visit.

Water Divining, or water Dowsing as it's sometimes called, is a very old 'tried and tested' method of locating underground water sources (aquafers).

Divining rods can be made of many things but are traditionally hazel twigs, these are held in a certain way by the diviner while walking over the site. The presence of water is indicated by the spontaneous movement of the rods.

Water Divining is a fascinating and extremely useful art and many customers call on us for our expertise in this field.

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Domestic & Commercial Water Borehole Drillers

Our customers include:
  • Farms
  • Nurseries
  • Caravan & Camp Sites
  • Fisheries
  • New Builds
  • Private Dwellings
  • Small Holdings
  • Market Gardens
  • Equestrian
  • Country Estates
  • Commercial Car Washes
  • Other borehole companies

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